Is Francesco Schettino Still In Jail?

Francesco Schettino is an Italian former shipmaster who was born on November 14, 1960 in Naples, Italy. Francesco attended the nautical institute Nino Bixio in Piano di  Sorrento after which he labored for the ferry company Tirrenia.

On 16 April 2002, aged 41, Schettino was employed by Costa Crociere, a subsidiary of Carnival Company. Schettino began as 1st deck Off and after two months he moved as rather a lot as turn into Employees Captain on the place of second-in-command. In 2006, Schettino was promoted to Grasp receiving the respect to command the newly launched Costa Concordia.

On January 13, 2012, Francesco Schettino was made the captain accountable for the Costa Concordia. The ship tried a sail-by salute earlier Giglio, a observe he had beforehand carried out. The ship struck an underwater rock off the island, partially capsized, and listed on its starboard facet, ensuing all through the deaths of 32 of us. Schettino accepted some extent of accountability for the deaths and requested for forgiveness.

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Schettino was sentenced to sixteen years in jail in 2015 for his involvement all through the incident that killed 32 of us. He began serving his jail sentence in 2017 after his appeals didn’t bear.

Is Francesco Schettino Still In Jail?

Sure. Francesco Schettino stays to be in jail serving his 16-year jail sentence. His launch date shall be in 2033.

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